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5 Tips to a Better Small-Business Website

admin_sde/ February 15, 2016/ Websites/

Clearly, businesses need a website. Regardless of how prospective customers hear about your particular enterprise, many will check your website before deciding to purchase. In some ways, a website has become an electronic “business card.” And if you don’t have one, your business may not be seen as legitimate. At a minimum, you’ll want to make sure that your website

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Website User Experience: 10 Tips To Improve

admin_sde/ February 8, 2016/ Websites/

  In today’s changing marketing landscape, your website has become a more powerful tool than ever. As a 24/7 salesman, your website has the potential to be your most powerful asset and the centerpiece of your marketing efforts. However, rapidly changing technology can make your website feel old and outdated. While sometimes a redesign might be ideal, you may not have the time or

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