7 Little Ways to Create a Trustworthy Website

admin_sde/ July 21, 2016/ Websites/

When it comes to establishing a trustworthy website, it doesn’t matter how compelling your calls-to-action are, how engaging your content is, or how quickly your pages load on mobile screens. If visitors to your site have any doubts about how trustworthy you are, they’ll bounce right out and never come back. Especially in the B2B sector, where the customer journey

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Top 5 Complaints About Outsourcing Web Design (How to Fix Them)

admin_sde/ July 14, 2016/ Websites/

Outsourcing web design work allows you to put this important job into the hands of an expert, freeing you to do what you love best – run your business. However, outsourcing web design has its share of concerns and considerations. If you’ve outsourced in the past you probably have encountered one or more of these. If you’re new to hiring

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Should Your Business Switch to VoIP?

admin_sde/ June 23, 2016/ VoIP/

Voice over internet protocol technology cuts telecommunications costs and improves productivity. But is it right for your business phone system? You’re at an internet café and get an important business call–on your laptop. You’re on the road and receive an urgent voice mail–in your e-mail inbox. Your business has a phone number with a Florida area code–even though your office

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Is VoIP Offering You Any Real Benefit?

admin_sde/ June 9, 2016/ VoIP/

VoIP or Voice over Internet Protocol has gained a steady traction in the commercial world where businesses are gleefully abandoning their old telephonic systems in favor of the modern communication network. Steve Day, who leads the business development process at Network Telecom in the United Kingdom, opines that the transition from the old to the newer networks of connectivity has

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The Benefits of VoIP for Business

admin_sde/ June 2, 2016/ VoIP/

Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) is a type of technology that allows its users to make calls using the broadband Internet rather than the conventional or analog phone system. VoIP works by converting sound into digital voice communication and then transferring it through Internet broadband. So if you are using a VoIP telephone system, you are basically using the Internet

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What Is A Server?

admin_sde/ May 27, 2016/ Technology/

A server is a computer that provides data to other computers. It may serve data to systems on a local area network (LAN) or a wide area network (WAN) over the Internet. Many types exist, including web, mail, and file servers. Each type runs software specific to their purpose. For example, Web servers may run Apache HTTP or Microsoft IIS,

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Understanding IP Addresses

admin_sde/ May 27, 2016/ Technology/

What are IP Addresses? An actual definition would be a series of numbers assigned to devices that connect to a network. To make this seem a little more relevant, imagine your computer as a home, every home needs an address or the mail man won’t know where to deliver it. An IP address is your computers address so we know

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Backing Up: Why This Is A Necessity For Your Business

admin_sde/ April 21, 2016/ Uncategorized/

Why you should be backing up. Every week 140,000 hard drives crash in the United States, that’s 20,000 per day. Companies, small and large, should not be naive to think that it couldn’t happen to them. Events that result in loosing critical data are plenty, most of which are out of your hands; power surges/failure, fire, floods, equipment failure, virus,

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Firewall Security: What is guarding your door?

admin_sde/ April 21, 2016/ Technology/

What is the point of a firewall? Back when speakeasies were around there was always a secret door that was guarded and you were not getting though unless you knew the password. Why did they do this? What was the point? That’s simple, to keep the bad people out, the people that wanted to bust them or ruin their good

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Why Managed Information Technology Services is Essential for Small-Medium Sized Businesses.

admin_sde/ March 28, 2016/ Technology/

In order to find out why a Managed Information Technology Service is essential, we should first define exactly what it is. For the sake of argument let’s just equate “managed” with “outsourced”, basically a Managed Information Technology Service is outsourcing your IT to a knowledgeable third party vendor to monitor, maintain and troubleshoot your IT systems. When owning / running a

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