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Firewall Security: What is guarding your door?

admin_sde/ April 21, 2016/ Technology/

What is the point of a firewall? Back when speakeasies were around there was always a secret door that was guarded and you were not getting though unless you knew the password. Why did they do this? What was the point? That’s simple, to keep the bad people out, the people that wanted to bust them or ruin their good

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Don’t Fall Behind The Technology Curve.

admin_sde/ November 23, 2015/ Technology/

With 2016 rapidly approaching now is the time to start evaluating the year that has passed and planning for the year ahead of us. While this is usually focusing on end of year taxes, deadlines and achieving goals while looking into projections, sales and a new set of goals, I challenge you to take a step back and evaluate your

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